Saturday, 25 January 2014

Moments that mattered

Mummy's Little Monkey and Lloyd's Bank are asking about my favourite memories of 2013. To be honest there have been so many good ones (which I  will tell you about over the next few weeks), but the one that has been the most significant for me, is my move back to colour, my complete wardrobe makeover.

Somehow I had become this drab person, reflected in how I was dressing. My wardrobe had become blue, black and brown only and I wasn't sure how it had become that. I saw an advert on one of the mums forums for a new pilot makeover show and feeling adventurous and in desperate need of a complete wardrobe overhaul I applied and got chosen to feature in it. 

It was a crazy week where I spent 3 days in London filming, very different from my usual life of being Mummy. It broke my black cycle, gave me a whole new perspective and a new way to look at myself and my wardrobe. They reminded me that I needed to make time for me in order to give the best to my boys. They saw my vibrant and unique personality and helped me to put that into my outfits. I came out of the week of filming feeling enthused about what my wardrobe could be like, so I threw out all of my blue, black and brown. I then convinced my husband to take me shopping to buy my new much needed items, choosing bright pinks, skinny jeans and other vibrant choices. 

It was just what I needed, and that's why it's one of my most treasured memories of the year. I now feel like me again, the me before I had children, the me that is colourful and fun. I never thought that clothes would change who I was, and I guess they didn't totally but they had knocked my confidence! Six months on I have chopped off my hair, skinny jeans are my staple and I look at myself and smile.

If you want to know more about my fashion makeover, let me know and I will write a more detailed post about it all. 


  1. What an AMAZING moment!!! You look absolutely fantastic and you've inspired me to inject some colour in to my own wardrobe: I must admit my default colour is always black, or dark blue if I'm feeing adventurous ;) Thanks so much for joining in with #MomentsThatMattered and good luck!! xx

  2. Oh how brilliant! You look amazing, i'd love to have a nose at your makeover. My wardrobe too has become black, blue and grey, I need more colour in my life #momentsthatmattered

    1. I am just working on putting together a more detailed post about my makeover week and my wardrobe so keep and eye out for it! Thank you for reading its really encouraging to get comments : )

    2. I have posted a more detailed blog post about my makeover which you can see here: