Monday, 20 January 2014

Heroes of the City App Review

A few weeks ago I brought you a giveaway from Ruta Ett DVD AB and now I would like to tell you a bit more about their app that I have been reviewing. I downloaded the app onto both my iPhone and my iPad and with it being aimed at preschoolers aged 2 - 6 it was perfect for both of my boys to use. 

The Heroes of the City has more than six hours of movies and nine games and so there is plenty to keep little hands busy.

When you open up the app you get to choose which section you would like to go into - Movies, Games, Trophies or Store.  My youngest who is 1, has been very taken with the Movies section of the App which shows episodes. The music is lovely in the movie and we all really liked the opening song during the titles. Each episode is 14 minutes long which for us as a family is a good length, and it has been funny to see my two boys crammed around my iPhone watching it. In the movie episodes you get to know some of the key characters such as Pauli who is a police car and Fiona the fire engine along with lots of other characters. The movie episodes are well animated and the characters are very lovable. When asked my son told me that Fiona Fire Engine is his favourite.  I liked as a parent is that each story focuses a lot on friendship, which I believe is really important. It shows that caring for each other and looked out for other people is  a good thing to do, demonstrating this through the stories. It also highlights that anyone can be a hero; ordinary people can be extraordinary when they are caring and looking out for others. If you want to have a sneaky peak at a trailer you can here: Trailer.

The games section was great for my son who is 3, having had a bit of a play myself some of them are quite tricky. I liked the challenge as my son wanted to keep trying and playing, which stops him getting bored but also teaches him perseverance and patience - two qualities which I am keen for him to learn. My sons favourite game is with Fiona Fire Engine where you have to put the fire out by aiming the water hose. With each game it has different levels, and then you can collect trophies for your achievements which unlock additional bonus things. My son loves playing the matching pairs, or putting the pieces into the jigsaw puzzle to reveal characters from the movie. Each game also has sound accompaniment which puts me at ease with being able to supervise by being in earshot, knowing exactly what he is doing by the sound the app is making. 

I downloaded the app onto my my iPhone and my iPad of which it works really well on both, however both of my boys prefer to watch and play on the iPad as the screen is bigger. Having it downloaded on my phone is a really good distraction when we are out and about and I need a distraction quickly for the boys. There is a parental control feature in the store section so you can be assured that your kids aren't going to download something they shouldn't. I really like this feature and I now look for it when I am picking new apps. You can also download extras in the store such as additional movies and games too if you wish. 

If you want to download it yourself or find out more you can here:

Overall I think it is a fantastic app and I would recommend as it has so much to do in it, and its educational too. Both of my boys love it, and its lovely to have an app that plays movies and games. Finally if you have any questions let me know. 

I was sent a copy of the app in order to review it, but all opinions expressed in this review are my own. 

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