Thursday, 24 October 2013

What a load of Balderdash...

So I was approached by 1926 Wood Flooring to do a game review for them, I of course loving games accepted and picked Balderdash as my game of choice. They recognise that as the nights get darker, summer evenings outside on my patio are out, and warm and cosy evenings are in. I thought it would be fun to invite my family around for a quick game as you really need at least 4 players to play. So after dinner was eaten and my two boys were safely tucked up in bed we began, with chocolate and other nibbles of course.

Here is our board all set up - lets get Balderdashing!

I actually think this might have been the best review I have ever done, as I laughed all evening until my sides hurts. My brother who naturally has the gift of the gab, excelled in putting his word choices to the test and fooling us all with his clever answers.

If you have never played, you should. You get a board with a spinner in the centre, with game pieces which you move around the board in a race to the finish by scoring points or by spinning your way to victory. You gain points by bluffing your way through questions - the main question asker, called the dasher takes a card and the category is defined by the section of the board that you are currently on.

Here are the cards

The five categories (with examples) are:

1. EVENTS: Q) In preperation for the 2008 Olympics, cabbies in Bejing....
A) were ordered not to have red hair or big earrings.

2. WORDS: Q) Squirk
A) A laugh that is half suppressed

3. LAWS Q) Ordinance Number 352 in Pacific Grove, California makes it a crime to...
A) Kill or threaten a butterfly

A) National Federation of Master Printers in Scotland

5) PEOPLE Q) Roy Plunkett
A) The scientist who accidentally discovered Teflon
Here are the answer sheets

Every player has an answer sheet and after the question has been read out you have to make up the answer, scoring points if either you get the answer right or when they are read out other players pick your answer. The only player who knows the real answer is the dasher. What I like about the questions is that none of us knew the answers and it was fun to come up with a blagged answer and to hear what others put. I think my favourite category was the words because some of them just sounded so absurd e.g TITBOW yes this was really on the cards, and it means a haze which occurs on hot days. Due to there being 5 questions per card and quite a lot of cards this is definitely a game that you could play time and time again because some of the questions and answers are so weird and wonderful there is no way you could remember them all.

Here I am being the Dasher
When you land on a place on the board with an arrow you get to spin the spinner and (hopefully) land on a segment which allows you to move forward (you can get moved back too) which all helps in your race to the finish.

The game itself is very fun, and is great to play with a group of either friends or family. We really enjoyed it and will definitely be swapping our TV evenings for games evening on a more regular basis. The more players you have the longer the game takes so you do have to leave plenty of time to play, and I love that you never quite know what your questions will be or who you will be up against.

One little note is that you have to place the board on a hard surface like a dining room table in order for the spinner to work properly.

What I really liked too is that the game has a two player variation which isn't quite as good as the real game but is fun. In the variation instead of writing your answers down you pick three cards up and use the answers from the other cards to guess the answer. Most of the time it does work and can be quite funny, but occasionally it is glaring obvious which answer is correct.

Overall Balderdash is a fantastic game which tests your knowledge, imagination and blagging skills in a really fun way. As a mum of two young kids it was really lovely to have a fun night in at home without having to worry about paying a babysitter, and it really did make me laugh a lot playing discovering the silly answers that totally had me fooled.

So why not give it a go too, grab yourself some friends, a boardgame and get stuck in.

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