Saturday, 17 August 2013

My favourite holiday memory

We had lots of different holidays when I was a kid including going to Florida, which was great and we had an amazing time, but when I think back to my favourite holiday memory it has to be staying in Dartmouth, Devon. There was always something really magical about going to Dartmouth. When I was around nine we went with my family and my grandparents and because there was too many of we had two apartments. My parents and my brother and sister stayed in one just off the waterfront down an alley way, and I because I was older, got to stay in the apartment on the water front with my grandparents. I felt very grown up being able to stay in a different apartment to my parents and it was a real treat for me.

I loved staying on the waterfront as we had a view out across the harbour, and there was always something to look at. Plus growing up in the country far away from any sea, I was very fascinated with the tidal system, and looked forward to seeing the boats resting on the harbour floor when all the water had shifted. Along with Dartmouth, the beaches we used to visit, the fun walks we went on, and the sites and shops we visited, what also made it very special was the time spent away with my grandparents. My Nan who is now my only living Grandparent left has Alzheimer's and seems very far from the person who I went on holiday to Dartmouth all of those years ago. I hold these memories very dear as they were time spent with my family and the people who I love dearly.

This is us in 2010 when we visited Dartmouth again, above my Mum, Nan, Me and my son. We are right on the front where we stayed when I was a child, and this is the view I had from our apartment window. 
One thing that I remember clearly about the holiday is sitting in our apartment in the evening playing card games with my grandparents. I loved playing games then, and I still love playing games in the evening now. Quality time is something that I value highly and thats why this holiday in Darmouth is one that I remember clearly, and think back to fondly as I had plenty of it.

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