Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I wish, I wish for a dress...

Being a Mum sometimes I feel like I spend my whole life crawling around on my hands and knees, covered in paint and other such things. So when I get the opportunity to dress up and leave my 'Mumsy' bit on the side, I take it.

Who doesn't love to dress up? Be it for a wedding, an evening out or just for fun, I am in. It's my 31st in a few weeks time which will give me several opportunities to dress and glam up. So I have picked a few of my favourite wishlist dresses from Chi Chi to share with you (I am also hoping that my husband might see this and buy me one too!).

My first choice is this Chi Chi Willow Dress, £49.99
I absolutely love the colour and all the beading on the neckline. I also like the ruching across the bustline with a fuller skirt as I think it would be very flattering to my curvy figure. Plus it is perfect for so many different occasions!
I love this Chi Chi Taylor Dress £53.99. It won't be released until September but I can't wait! I think this is a fab and fun geometric shaped skater dress, and I love the fuller skirt too.
I love this Chi Chi Ingrid Dress £53.99 it would be perfect for a cocktail party and it looks amazing with killer heels. The perfect little black dress.

A Maxi dress like this Chi Chi Anita Dress £12.99 should be a staple in everyones wardrobe, as it is perfect for wearing to a garden party or a more casual lunch date.

Finally just occasionally, I like to really show off my curves and turn a few heads and this Chi Chi Sierra Dress  £139.99 certainly has the wow factor and would do just that, plus it comes in this gorgeous and vibrant red. They do also do this dress in black or blue, but I personally love the red.

These are just a few of my favourite's on my wishlist, which ones would you pick?

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

My favourite holiday memory

We had lots of different holidays when I was a kid including going to Florida, which was great and we had an amazing time, but when I think back to my favourite holiday memory it has to be staying in Dartmouth, Devon. There was always something really magical about going to Dartmouth. When I was around nine we went with my family and my grandparents and because there was too many of we had two apartments. My parents and my brother and sister stayed in one just off the waterfront down an alley way, and I because I was older, got to stay in the apartment on the water front with my grandparents. I felt very grown up being able to stay in a different apartment to my parents and it was a real treat for me.

I loved staying on the waterfront as we had a view out across the harbour, and there was always something to look at. Plus growing up in the country far away from any sea, I was very fascinated with the tidal system, and looked forward to seeing the boats resting on the harbour floor when all the water had shifted. Along with Dartmouth, the beaches we used to visit, the fun walks we went on, and the sites and shops we visited, what also made it very special was the time spent away with my grandparents. My Nan who is now my only living Grandparent left has Alzheimer's and seems very far from the person who I went on holiday to Dartmouth all of those years ago. I hold these memories very dear as they were time spent with my family and the people who I love dearly.

This is us in 2010 when we visited Dartmouth again, above my Mum, Nan, Me and my son. We are right on the front where we stayed when I was a child, and this is the view I had from our apartment window. 
One thing that I remember clearly about the holiday is sitting in our apartment in the evening playing card games with my grandparents. I loved playing games then, and I still love playing games in the evening now. Quality time is something that I value highly and thats why this holiday in Darmouth is one that I remember clearly, and think back to fondly as I had plenty of it.

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

How Would I #Spend20K Challenge

BritMums are asking us, how would you spend your £20,000? If you won it on the new Lotto from The National Lottery. Check out their competition post here, #Spend 20K Challenge. So I got my thinking cap on!

The biggest dream that I have would be to own our own house. We currently rent, and the area we live in in Cambridgeshire comes with a hefty price tag; if we want to keep our picturesque village location, four bedrooms and a sizeable downstairs living space. So I would have to use 20K to form part of a deposit on the house of our dreams. The question is what makes that perfect house?

I have put together my top 10 dream house ideas:

1. I love open plan downstairs living spaces. 
In the last 5 years we have lived in three different houses or apartments all with an open plan kitchen and living room and it really suited us to the ground. So that would be very much high up on my wishlist.

2. A colour burst Kitchen.
I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and baking, and I love that it is the hub of our house, so I would want it to reflect a little of our fun personality with a few pops of colour to make it a really fun and enjoyable room to be in.

3. Contemporary twists
I love contemporary and/ or quirky decorations or fixtures and fittings as I think they bring lots of our personality and individuality into the house. I have been eying up this contemporary light fixture for a while!
Isn't this really gorgeous? 

4. A garden with plenty of room to BBQ
We love to BBQ and play outside in the garden, it has become a really important part of our family life so this would be up there on the "must have" list.

I love this little magical garden!
5. The perfect village location
I love the city, don't get me wrong but I love the country more. There is something very special about being able to retreat home where it is quiet and peaceful, surrounded by nature. I love Cambridgeshire, it may be flat but it is very pretty, and who wants to go out biking and exploring up huge hills anyway?

6. 4 Bedrooms or more
We love having our friends come to stay, so it is lovely to be able to have the space to invite them. As my boys get bigger I am thinking that space will also be a good thing too, giving them the room to be creative, grow, contemplate without being totally under our feet.

7. A wine cellar? 
Who doesn't dream of a wine cellar? How fantastic would it be to have our very own wine cellar. I think this might be a bit out of our league, but a girl can dream! Ha!

Anyone for wine?
8. Some clever storage
Having rented for the last I don't know how many years, I am longing after some very clever storage. Storage that maximizes our space without impacting and eating into our living space! I really like the look of this under-stairs cupboard that pulls out.

9. A playroom
It would be great to have somewhere for the kids to retreat to, a place to store all of the toys and build massive train tracks across the floor without having to tidy them up so that everyone can sit down in the evening.

10. A walk in pantry
Call me old fashioned! I would love to be able to keep all my food in one place and have room to buy extra tins when they are on offer and give us a greater selection!

Finally I think that I would squirrel off a tiny portion of my 20K to buy this beautiful Kitchen Aid Mixer in pink! Just because I can, it would look fabulous in my kitchen and it would be perfect for helping me to make cake!

Thats how I would spend mine, the big question is, how would you spend yours?

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