Monday, 22 July 2013

Thank Goodness I had the UltraCaptic to hand

Having just moved into a new rented house my UltraCaptic has been working over time for me! I don't think the rented house we just vacated could have been any cleaner and being honest here, I don't think the rented house we moved in to could have been any dirtier! But thanks to the UltraCaptic's amazing suction our brown carpets have returned to their beige origins, and my husband was extremely thankful for the "Compact & Go" function that the UltraCaptic boasts. 

In fact the compact and go makes it really easy to empty your vacuum! Let me tell you about it. It's bagless - thankfully, it has an easy carry handle which means that even my three year old can lift and carry it one handed (perfect when you only have one hand because your carrying a child!) I was hoping that it would fully compress my dust, it does squash it, which minimizes the mess but I would have loved a more solid block. It's actually quite frightening when you consider what your vacuum gets up! I was shocked by how many non dust like items my UltraCaptic picked up. 

Things that you need to know is that you can control the suction level. As soon as I started using the UltraCaptic it all been very clear as to why the suction levels are needed. My recommendation is that you use it on a 5 (the highest level) on hard floors, a level 3 on carpets and a level 2 on rugs. I found if the suction level was too high on my rug it just pulled it off the floor (that tells you just how powerful this little machine is). For more delicate cleaning tasks start at a 1 and work up (if you need too), jobs like cleaning curtains. 

Everyone has been desperate to try out my new UltraCaptic whilst we have been moving house. It has been lovely having the help, it's been a clean my new house party and use my new snazzy UltraCaptic too. So far they are impressed - it has been a bit of a talking point! Not quite the glamourous dinner party I was quite hoping for but fun all the same. Check out my little one showing you how easy to UltraCaptic is to use on YouTube.

I told you everyone was enjoying trying it out, found this little one helping too.
So what are in my opinion its best bits:

1. It is incredible on Hard Floors 

In fact I can't sing its praises enough on hard floors because it has such great suction it makes hard floors a breeze. 

2. At a flick of a switch it transitions between floors

From Carpet to tile to carpet to a rug, it really is that easy! 

3. The suction power level controller

I love that you can change the suction level (between 1-5) which is perfect for those tricky hard to reach jobs like curtains, where you want a more delicate approach rather than a full blasting suction. 

4. The 3 in 1 nozzle

So clever, it appealed to my geeky side. Check out my video here on YouTube

5. The handle on the 'Compact & Go' Dust removal container

It makes things so much easier! Check out my video showing you just how easy it is here on YouTube

6. Great suction

This would be perfect for sucking up spiders from far away! The suction is very powerful, in fact when vacuuming my rug I had to turn the power down! We created a suction video to show you how powerful it is, check it out here on YouTube

Overall we love the UltraCaptic and its perfect for a quick spruce up (in record time) before you guests arrive, as well as being great as a deep cleaning vacuum cleaner too (new house is proof of that one). This post is part of the #mycleanercleaner campaign for AEG. Check out their website if you want more information or to find out more about the UltraCaptic Vacuum Cleaner'''. 

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