Thursday, 27 June 2013

My Cleaner Cleaner

I have been sent an AEG UltraCaptic to test out and review. So I thought you would all like to find out how I am getting on.

I admit that I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, and myself and my two boys were very excited opening the box and putting it all together. It has three different main heads which I found a bit intimidating at first as how would I know which one to use? However the instructions are really clear and helpful, and I soon got to grips with what would work best and where! It also has a three in one nozzle which is just fab.
Here is me having a quick go!
As soon as it was all set up, I got going. My two boys create plenty of mess on a daily basis so the UltraCaptic has had plenty of use since its arrival. One of our challenges set by AEG was to "spruce up our home in the quickest time" which I was able to complete with the imminent arrival of some friends. Just before my friends arrived I turned around to discover biscuit crumbled all over my sofa, rug and hard wood floor. I already had plenty to finish up, but after taking a deep breath decided this was the perfect opportunity to see what the UltraCaptic could do. Armed with my three in one nozzle (for the sofa) and my multi cyclonic suction end, I was off. Within minutes it was sorted. I am very impressed at this point! It was so easy to change the button on the head between the hard wood and the rug, and normally with our hard wood floors I can't access the edge of the room very well and I end up changing the head to the nozzle over and over again. But not this time. The UltraCaptic is great at getting right to the edge of the room with the main head. This is a huge plus for me! Mission complete in record time, minutes before my friends arrived.
In use as it sucks up the biscuit!
On another note usually when I put the vacuum on my boys make a huge fuss at the noise and my three year old storms out complaining its too loud. The UltraCaptic is quieter than our usual vacuum and I didn't have the normal storming out. Instead my three year old stayed to help, and plugged me in.

Over the next few weeks I will be continuing to update you on how I am finding the UltraCaptic. That way you get a real view of what its like and you can learn about each feature as I use it (without being too overwhelmed), so watch out for more posts.

I'm not an expert on all of the functions of the UltraCaptic, but AEG are so if you want to know more why not check out their website.

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