Friday, 31 May 2013

Handmade Christmas - Is it frugal or madness?

This post is my entry for the competition over on Pinching-Pennies a great little blog all about saving money.

They got me thinking about what my biggest and expensive costs are throughout the year. You won't be surprised to hear that Christmas came out on top! It is the presents that really push me over the edge and I usually spread the cost out throughout the year by buying things as I see them (hopefully in the sale too) and not having the expense all in one go. But the expense is still there. This is when I had my latest brainwave why not have a go at a handmade christmas where all the presents are made by myself? It's May so I still have time on my side and I do love a project once my children are in bed.

I can make cards, thats no problem, but could I really make presents? So this is where I need your help and I would love some ideas. I don't want to be giving my relatives and friends things that look like the dog made it, but I would love ideas for things that look amazing but are easy to make and don't require me to spend a fortune in order to do it? So what do you make already? What on earth do I make for the men in my life - brother, husband, dad?

I have already started to come up with a few ideas of things;

1. Bath bombs - I have never made these, but they look pretty easy and the ingredients aren't very expensive, plus I could make really pretty boxes.

2. Jewellery items - I have loads of jewellery making stuff already and I am pretty good at necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I made all the jewellery that my bridesmaids wore when I got married. I would also love to have a go at rings.

3. I have quite a few leather offcut pieces so maybe brooches, belt buckles? I am open to suggestions?

4. Cakes, Marmalade, Jam, Chutney and other sweet treats.

So I am dying to know, what fantastic ideas do you have? Could I really make this work with beautiful handmade gifts? I hope so! Are you with me?

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