Monday, 29 April 2013

How I have changed - It's me versus Special K

Kellogg's Special K turns 30 this year and to celebrate they have given it a makeover with a new more delicious and wholesome recipe. I have been lucky enough to have a try of the new Special K already and this post is my entry for the BritMums / Special K "How I have changed Linky Challenge" #SpecialK30, thats what this post is for!

I turned 30 last year too so I know how you feel Special K, in 1983 I was 1 and the last 30 years have been amazing, challenging, fun and a huge learning curve for me as I am sure they have been for you to. I couldn't quite get over it, 30? How did I get here so quick and yet pack so much into my life? In my head I still feel 17 and I constantly have to remind myself that I am not. I have two little boys of my own to think about, its funny to think that my youngest Peter is the same age I was when Special K was born.

Hello Special K breakfast!
LOOKS can be deceiving and my new Special K box felt like an old friend when it arrived, one that you haven't seen for a while. You recognise them, you love them, you see slight changes in their apperance but essentially its the same good friend just older and wiser. A friend who can now walk in their high heels with absolute confidence knowing that the years have refined and given them an integrity and zest that only comes with age. The new Special K really felt like that friend, the same brand and taste we love but tastier with three grains - rice, wheat and barley instead of the previous 2. I was also a bit surprised that this was the first change since 1983 and I know that for some people change can be taken very hard but please let me assure you, this is a good change. Its like that realisation when you finally ditch your mini skirt in favour of a more sophisticated look and you turn more heads and get more looks than you did before - and you think to yourself, why didn't I do this earlier!

This is me in 1983, I must be about 11 months old.
Which brings me to me. Am I that friend, older and wiser like Special K? I hope so, I am definitely older and although I could perhaps do with losing the baby bulge (I am sure Special K will help with that) I don't think I need any help looking younger. In fact not so long ago I had to take my son to the emergency doctors, we had been staying with my Mum and he had had what turned out to be an allergic reaction to dog salvia (off all things) on his face. My Mum came with us as it was really late at night and the Doctor asked my Mum to sign the prescription form as she "needed someone over the age of 16 to sign it"! 16! I am 30 for goodness sake! As I said looks can be deceiving, and mine have totally changed over the last 30 years - from baby to woman.

This is me now with my youngest son.
Special K is a bit like me, it might have aged but it isn't outdated and a bit of a glamourous makeover is definitely good for its image!

TASTE is really quite important, and Special K has it. I really enjoyed the new formulation and it was a welcome change from my usual breakfast cereal. I did find it quite sweet to start with, but having eaten breakfast with lots of people over the years I know that its probably just me and my weird taste buds. I confess that I also had a sneaky taste on the day it arrived too as an additional evening snack once my kids were in bed!

Then we get to me, and I was thinking if I was food what would I taste like? I started to think about how people might describe me and I started with marmite (you either love it or you hate it) but I just don't think that quite fits, so I have settled on a Parma Violet. Even as a child I it always seemed like I never quite fitted, people liked me but I never fitted the mould that other people expected - in other words I was a little odd, hence Parma Violet; sweet and sugary but not to every one's tastes and yet delicate and sensitive encased in a little purple concave circle. I am still the same Parma Violet shaped me I was 30 years ago but I know my strengths and play to them and give people a taste of me without overpowering them (most of the time)! As a young person my unique oddness was a tough part of growing up, whereas I have changed by learning to accept me as me.

THE TOUGH AND THE CHALLENGING is apart of every 30 years development and I am sure that behind the scenes (that I can't tell you about) the Special K team spent hours contemplating this 30 year change and how it would be accepted, packaged and presented to us. What I love about Special K is that many people come to it looking for advice with weight loss and health management. The Special K website is a great source for seeing that there are lots of other people in the same boat who are facing the same challenges too. It wouldn't be right if Special K didn't evaluate and change with the times, and I love that they have created an app to help us with our goals!

Here is my box of Special K - the new design!
Life for me over the last 30 years has changed hugely and at times not always been that easy. As a one year old I am sure that my focus was on eating and playing all day and as a Mum of two now that doesn't feel much different as it's all about playing and eating, but with my boys at the centre not me. One of the things I love most is getting to play all day again building with duplo amazing houses, tower blocks and castles!

If you had told me that in the last 30 years I would lose my best friend in a car accident, or be married to a man that I once didn't want to be friends with I might not have wanted to face it, but I think its these things that have made me, me. For every challenge I have faced it has made me stronger, given me more patience, passion and zest for life. As a child you take each day as it comes learning lots and soaking it all in, as an adult I apply that learning and I have become the teacher wanting my children to have the opportunities I had and equipping them to face their 30 year challenge (and more) ahead of them.

THE GOOD BIT is that its nice to know Special K is made up of three wholegrains - rice, wheat and barley. I want to be putting good things into my body (doesn't everyone) but as a busy Mum I don't always have the time to look and figure it all out. So its good to know Special K has got it covered for me in one little bowl of wholegrain with 8 vitamins and mineral goodness. So relax and try it, knowing they have got you and me sorted! Plus they do some great flavours with additional things too like chocolate or berries.

Like Special K I have matured focusing on the good things and I have had a refinement of character. I hope that I am nutritious to my friends being generous and giving, kind in spirit and full of life. I realise that I am no longer the focus of me, my family are at the centre of my attention and my two little boys need my energy and teaching to set them on their 30 year path.

Me and my two boys - I think this sums us up perfectly!
I really hope you have enjoyed reading about my #SpecialK30 and how I have changed. I hope my journey has inspired you to think about how you have changed too, and I'm sure it will set me thinking on what my next 30 years will look like!


  1. A lovely reflective post. You seem to value your life and perhaps for reasons outlined in your post.
    Commenting for BritMums and thanking you for taking part