Thursday, 23 August 2012

Favourite Toy

So I came across the Toys R Us Toyologists 2012 application form and thought it would be such a fun thing to be involved with! Part of the application is a review of your child's favourite toy so I thought I would share my review on here too for everyone!

Our two year old Jake has a small myriad of toys and he plays with most of them on a regular basis. I decided to ask him, very unsure as to what he would answer what his favourite is. Thats the thing with a two year old you never know whether they don't understand what you are asking or if they are deliberately choosing to sabotage their answer to throw you off their trail. His sentence of the month this month is "Its got wheels on it" so it made sense that his answer was "trains". He has been lucky enough to have been given for Christmas and Birthday's a huge amount of track and trains all wooden made by Brio, Big Jigs and a few other companies thrown in.

So what we love about the trains and track its so fun to build with and the possibilities of what your track looks like are never ending. The trains we have are wooden and they connect with magnets so you can build huge trains which remind me of the American freight trains which have you sitting at the railroad crossing for 20 minutes whilst the 100 cars train goes by!

It would be wrong not to tell you but the trains and track are not only Jake's favourite toy but its also mine as well. I could spend hours sitting around the table carefully and cleverly putting together different track, figuring out how best to connect it to ensure it endures the heavy handed outbursts of a two year old, has all the favourite parts in reach of little fingers and that as a track is fully operational.

What I love about the track is that all the different wooden track brands (the two big ones being Brio and Big Jigs) are interchangeable so you don't have to be concerned when relatives buy things about whether they will fit or not. Its incredibly hard wearing and despite being played with everyday all year round you wouldn't be able to tell, unlike some of the other toys that we have which look like they have seen better days. The downside to the track from a mum's perspective is that it comes with lots of small fiddely bits that you have to be careful don't go in the mouths of younger siblings, and you need lots of track and trains to build with if you want to do more than a simple loop and its quite bulky and heavy to store.

One of the things Jake loves are all the extra bridges and parts you can now get that make noise when you go over or through them, and I have been very impressed with just how much extra stuff there is to go with the track from bridges and engine sheds through to trains that carry cars and a crane that can pick up freight! As lovely as it is to play with some of the bigger items are pricy particularly if you buy Brio who most people know about. However if you build up gradually like we have its not so bad and because so many different companies create engines and track that work with it you have a great choice too!

So to conclude the trains and track get my vote too for being the favourite and you can have lots of children working on the same track at different points so its great family toy. A great pick by Jake if you ask me!

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