Monday, 18 June 2012


Sunglasses have become this tricky area in my life. For some reason (maybe it's because I am getting older) in the last few years my eyes have become more sensitive, and the need to wear sunglasses even when it doesn't seem that sunny is great. My problem is I have a small head in fact I reckon my two year old son's head isn't much smaller as I can get his bike helmet on my head! This means that when I go for sunglasses most look ridiculously oversized on my face a bit like when you wear your mums heels around the house when you were 4!

I have come to the conclusion that my only option is to go for children's glasses which fit much better, however if you have ever looked at the children's glasses on offer most have pretty little flowers in diamantes on the lenses or just look like they belong to a child! This is where SmartBuyGlasses Uk comes into play as they stock designer sunglasses, and designer child sunglasses, in fact beautiful sunglasses at a very good price. I love this pair by Ray Ban.

As you can see they are very stylish as well as very functional! I love that they are Fuchsia with violet lenses, and above all they do not look like a child's pair! Love, love, love!

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