Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Next Mummy Stylist Blogger Competition

This post is part of the Mummy Stylist Blogger posts for Next with Blog All Baby Advice. As all of you know already I love Next, it's my best friend helping me out of tight spots with clothes and presents on a regular basis. As I write this I have a next kids clothes order winging its way to me, as I realised this afternoon that my 11 week old had some how (without me noticing) managing to outgrow all of his clothes! They have a great choice at the moment of children's clothes and if you order before 9pm you can have most things delivered the following day, even specifying a delivery preference such as after 1pm or between 10am - 2pm which when you are balancing toddler groups and feeds is a great thing!

Today I have styled a maternity outfit from my Next favourites and having been pregnant not so long ago I know the importance of wearing something you feel great in but that doesn't cost you the earth and is stylish and comfy. 

I have put together two basics looks, the first is an evening out look. I picked the Indigo Woven dress as its a classic black colour, which will slim you - something we all want to look when we are pregnant! It will look great for an evening out with the right jewellery and shoes, and you can also dress it down for those summery days ahead too. The dress will be one of your key items during pregnancy keeping you cool and stylish and yet making you feel feminine and pretty. The beautiful detail on the neckline of this dress will also draw the eye away from your bump, as lets face it sometimes you want people to look at you rather than your bump. One of my biggest hates when I was pregnant was that random strangers feel that they have the right to touch your bump, which lets face it is plain weird. Hopefully this dress will make you feel gorgeous and melt away those awkward moments!

The DKNY bracelet and the Boutique Catherine Drop earrings are very stylish and I was surprised at how lovely Next's jewellery collection was as this is not something I would usually think about Next for. To compliment the jewels I really like these silver jewel toe thong sandals, very practical as they are flat so perfect for Mummy's like me who have a toddler to chase around whilst being pregnant. They also will look great with the Indigo Woven dress or with your more casual everyday look. 

For the casual look I picked out clothes that I thought would work really well for the summer coming up. I actually own a pair of the Linen blend trousers like the ones above and they are lovely and comfy to wear as well as cool. They key to maternity dressing is to buy some key pieces that will work in a variety of situations and these trousers are a must as a staple! They also could be dressed up for work and come in black, navy and white as well as in petite, regular and longer length. For myself Next was one of the only places I could get a shorter length trouser that would actually fit. With the tie around the waist band these trousers will also be perfect for wearing in the first few weeks after giving birth too, because lets face it as much as we would love to fit back in our normal trousers only a small percentage of women actually do straight away. 

I paired the trousers with a cream navy floral bow top which I thought was very pretty for the summer along with a rib edge to edge cardigan. A cardigan that doesn't fasten at the front is perfect for any pregnant lady and you can carry it forward into your non maternity wardrobe too. With my choices I wanted to show you that with a few key pieces you can dress for almost any occasion without having to break the bank doing so! I know that when I was pregnant I spent a few evenings in my pajamas whilst I was washing my favourite maternity outfit so I could wear it again the following day. 

In my swim and sun section I wanted to show you this fab pink floral tankini which will look great on the beach or by the pool. I did swimming lessons with my toddler pretty much right up until I gave birth and I found it much easier to wear a tankini than a swimming costume. The tankini is also long in the body and has a rouched side that can be tightened or loosened off to give your more room and to stop your tummy from showing. Sometimes you just need a comfy T-shirt to wear when you are away or for the every day, and Next have lots of T-shirt 3 packs like the one on my mood board. Three pretty tops for a very good price! 

Finally what would a summery outfit be without a pair of brown rimless sunglasses and a gorgeous colour block tote bag! I love this bag! The great thing about a lovely bag like this is that it can become the perfect beauty to hide all of the unsightly things you don't want people to see but you have to carry as a mum! Accessories are also a great way to add sparkle and colour to your outfits and if you pick neutral bases they really brighten up your look. Changing your accessories can also change your look dramatically and hide the fact that you have worn the same outfit 3 times that week because it looks so different each time. 

In total it all only comes to 415.50 and many of the items you can carry forward out of your maternity wardrobe too, which I think is a bit of a bargain as you have something to wear both smart, casually, out for coffee, or on the beach! 

If I won the 500 giftcard I would use it in part to replenish my wardrobe as between pregnancy pounds and the holes our old washing machine put in my clothes my clothing selection is looking somewhat slim. I have had my eye on this navy floral sleeveless shirt dress for a while which would be perfect for breast feeding in because of the buttons down the front (FYI). I would also be picking out some lovely new clothes for my two ever growing boys and I would love to get them some little matching outfits while they will still allow me to do some styling for them!

I hope I have shown you that you can still be stylish when pregnant and you don't have to spend a fortune to achieve your look. Remember accessories are great when you are pregnant and beyond in changing your look day to day! 

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