Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Great Garden Moments

I wanted to tell you about my favourite garden moment as part of the Great Garden Moments Competition for Furniture Village. We love having a garden. After having lived in an apartment for the last 3 years with a concrete jungle patio area, it's lovely to have a garden to play and grow in, and its something that we do a lot! In fact my son often begs me to go out and water the plants!

There is something very magical about a garden to a two year old, whether it's the freedom to run around and glug in the fresh air, spot aeroplanes and birds, search for ladybirds or help with the planting, watering and growing. It brings excitement and lots of fun.

Last September at the tail end of summer my son had great fun everyday when we stayed with my parents, picking the tomatoes off their tomato plant and learning the difference between the green and red ones and when we could pick and eat them. I really enjoyed watching him laugh and munch down his prize picks with tomato pips stuck on his chin.

This year we have our own garden so along with some other things we have planted some strawberry and tomato plants with lots of help from our green fingered two year old. It's really lovely to see him learning how to plant and allow him to get really mucky in the process. He is also very attached to the watering can and I love to sit out and watch him watering the plants and checking them to see how they have grown since he last looked. I can't wait to see his face when he sees the fruit once it grows!

As you can see from the pictures we planted the strawberries in pots and the tomato plants in grow bags as we live in a rental house and its easier to move them if we have to move! I want to encourage you that whatever garden space you have you can do something with it that encourages little growers!

The garden brings so much fun for us as a family and is a special place where we laugh, play and eat together and I would encourage every family to enjoy their gardens and the time you get to spend in it together. We regularly BBQ and eat in the garden, and we often just nip out to BBQ are chicken kebabs for dinner too. I also love that it's a great tool for learning and there is always something to do or see the possibilities are endless and that's exactly what you need when you have a busy toddler to entertain!

Just a few ideas to get you going: 

1. Sunflowers are a great start to learning about growing flowers and they are amazing when they flower and grow really tall! 
 2. Tomatoes and Strawberries are great fruit plants to start with and it's great when your kids can eat what they have tended! 
 3. Ladybirds, bugs, butterfly's, birds all these animals are usually your garden and are great fun to look for. 
4. Little tool kits are great for small fingers and stop them trying to use yours or lift a watering can twice their size! 
5. Big grassy areas are great for building tents using your garden hairs to hold it up 
6. You can get great chalks that are perfect fr using outside on concrete slabs (just make sure you ask whoevers house it s first!) 
7. Be imaginative with your garden adventures and enjoy!

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