Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Getting baby gear at a good price online!

When you have a baby you always want the latest fashionable baby gear, but it costs, and usually big bucks, however you can sometimes get these things for a good price! So here is my top tips on how to get what you love for a good price.

1. Work out your must have, look at reviews online, figure out how you might use it, talk to people who have it, and most of all find a store that stocks it and try it out! This is so important for big buys.

Tip - remember that customers are more likely to leave a review if there is something wrong with it than if they love it, and use your common sense I once read a review for a highchair and the customer commented that "he was disappointed with the color as it was beige instead of white" turns out it comes in 4 different colors and he didn't realize he brought a different color!

2. Take your time in purchasing so you have a chance to wait for a good deal to come up, if you need it right now you are less likely to find the price you want!

3. Shop around, you have several ways to do this. Find the item that you want on several different online stores and compare the prices to get a rough idea of what the average price is then you can start hunting for a good deal. Look in weird places too, for example in May we brought a Baby Bjorn carrier from drugstore for around $30 cheaper than I could find anywhere else! In January we brought a Phil and Ted's traveller crib for under $100 when they retail at $200 in Costco. (You don't have to have a Costco card to buy from them online, they just add a 5% surcharge to your order).

Tip: Most online stores will do free shipping if your item is over $100 but if they don't search for FREE SHIPPPING PROMO CODE in google with the store name and see what comes up.

4. Look for promotional money off deals for the stores you find come up, I find google the best for this. For example we recently brought a Beaba Babycook at Albee Baby which retails for around $150 usually, I had been keeping an eye out for a good deal and it was the same price but I found a 20% off code 20OFF and with most you can try out different codes to work out what saves you the most money!

Tip: With items that are new to the market or still a new or stand alone product you will be less likely to find it at a bargain price so instead look for either a fixed sum of money off your order or a percentage! Like the Babycook above! For example if you use the code HANN5030 you can save $10 on your order at if you spend $49 you get free shipping too.

You have to do your research and hunt around to get the best deals, and as I said earlier look on the weird websites where the product you are looking for is not a standard item (like the drugstore). I find that amazon (use the search bar on my page) is a good place to get a good idea of the average price and they also have great deals to watch out for!

Good hunting, let me know if you find some good deals online so we can share them!

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